Dialogue and Book Launch for “CITY-BUILDER: The Architecture of James K M Cheng”

Stay posted for details about the Vancouver celebration of my 344 page book published by Images Publishing of Melbourne. This is a critical monograph and collected works of Vancouver’s most influential architect, principal inventor of “Vancouverism”. Cheng is also a superb photographer and 80% of the images in the book are by the architect. The launch will be Thursday, February 1 2018, at InForm Interiors in Gastown, reservation details will be posted here when available.


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UrbanForum Statement 15 – Trevor Boddy

The Vancouver Urban Forum took place on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre. It featured presentations from 23 leading urban thinkers addressing the topic of “achieving urban densification”. It was attended by 300 delegates from as far away as Australia and Albania as well as many cities from across Canada. Canada has experienced three waves of urban reform since it was founded. The Vancouver Urban Forum considered ideas that could be part of a coming fourth wave of urban reform. Throughout the Forum a Sprawl Meter ran continually as a reminder of the 8 ft.² per second that is converted from green space to urban area in the Vancouver region every working day. By the end of the Forum over 200,000 ft.² of wilderness and farm area had been lost to sprawl. The Vancouver Urban Forum was produced by the Center for Fourth Wave Urban Reform and the Global Civic Policy Society. It was conceived of and organized by former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan.… Read More

Trevor Boddy speaks at the Vancouver Urban Forum

Trevor Boddy at Sam Sullivan’s Vancouver Urban Forum in June 2012

Trevor Boddy discussed 5 global ideas that have shapped Vancouver: Greenpeace, Generation X, Occupy, Cyberspace and Vancouverism. He concluded his presentation with the invention of a new word that tied in well with the social media focus of the forum: Memecity, the contition of generating and growing viral-like cultural ideas, or memes. Also: MemeCity, a city conducive to memes, orginally Vancouver.… Read More